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About Vertilux Contract

We provide ideas for living and work spaces; Vertilux has hundreds of textures and colors of fabrics and screens. Here at Vertilux Contract our goal is provide a custom web interface and product offerings that make specifying window shades on your project efficient and easy. We have the products that fit your project requirements, whether you are value engineering your project or looking for a green product for sustainability requirements, we have got you covered. The four major categories below cover a large majority of your market; we have chosen the best product offerings to fit your projects.


Multifamily Residential

The multifamily and residential markets require durable screens and components, while maintaining...


Commercial shades need to allow as much natural light into a room as possible while maintaining...


Hospitality shades require a visually appealing texture and color, while maintaining...

Health Facilities

Health facilities shades need to be antibacterial and antifungal to ensure the cleanliness of the...


Reference Buildings

Vertilux products are used by renowned architects around the world

Learn more about how Vertilux products have impacted the contract industry.

At Vertilux we transform light and create lifestyles, because it's not just about decorating, but about your everyday life.

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